In musical terms I’m a wealthy man.


I’ve been playing with bandmates Steve Hall (Hammond organ) and David Burrow (drums) for almost three years now. This band has developed a unique sound, style and following. A certain cohesiveness and chemistry takes hold over time and people can hear it. In the mix you may hear a Lou Donaldson boogaloo, a reworked Michael Jackson tune, or something by saxophonist Tina Brooks. 


I’m fortunate to be a part of this spirited organ trio. You can catch us performing regularly at The Hoppy Brewer, Corkscrew Wine Bar and other select venues. 




Upcoming Appearances

  • Dec 3
    Jonathan Smith Trio @ Corkscrew,  Portland
  • Dec 15
    Jonathan Smith Trio @ The Hoppy Brewer,  Gresham


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